Get Insight into Your Life with Pathway Genomics

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With recent scientific breakthroughs, many people have discovered a lot of information about themselves from their DNA. DNA is the hereditary material found in every cell of the human body. It can provide markers and indications of certain predispositions that can dictate a person’s life. Health risks and responses to various treatments are some of the many things that can be found on DNA. Companies, such as Pathway Genomics, have provided a way for people to discover the information hidden in their DNA.

Insight to Healthy Weight

With the right DNA testing, people can discover information about their bodies ability to lose weight. This testing can show a person’s predisposition to weight gain and help identify effective weight loss options specific to them. It can also identify the best options for diet and nutrition. This information can be shared with a physician to find the best options to achieve a healthy weight and live a healthier life.

Insight to Cardio Health

DNA can show if a person has the genetic markers that makes them at risk for various types of heart disease and problems. By identifying these predispositions, a person can take a proactive step towards preventing these issues from arising. It can also identify a person’s potential response to several of the medications used to treat these types of heart issues. This can be utilized by the doctor and patient to formulate a plan to stay heart healthy.

Insight to Cancer Risks

There are many types of cancer that have been connected to various genetic markers and gene mutations. The right testing can help a person find out if they have any of these markers and what that means in regards to cancer risks. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer have all been linked to various hereditary risks. This can allow a patient and doctor to increase frequency of cancer screenings to ensure early detection.

In addition to these tests, a patient and their doctor can order tests that can identify various carriers of specific diseases. A patient can also find answers for the best options to have healthy, beautiful skin. These tests have provided a great method for ensuring health and preventing many types of diseases and risks. This has allowed more people to feel in control of their lives and their health-care.